What We Do at Woodfront Kitchens

What don’t we do is the question?  We are so much more than just kitchen cabinetry refacing.  We expand our work into every aspect of the kitchen.  Need a new countertop?  We can do that.  Need a new sink?  We can do that too.  Need a backsplash to bring a unique look into your kitchen?  We can help with that too!

Just to name a few things that we can help you with: cabinets, countertops,  roll out drawers, tip out trays, knobs/handles, built in wine rack, backsplash, sink unit, modify your cabinet area to add a pantry or island, light fixtures, and MUCH MORE!

Our Process

The first step in our process would be to either talk with you on the phone or visit with you in our showroom where you can see all of our full sized displays. Visiting our showroom gives you the chance to really visualize different styles, colors, and options that would best fit your kitchen. You are able to look at all types of cabinet styles and finishes, countertops, handles & knobs, as well as pull out drawer features, glass features, and much more!

Next, we would schedule you for a free, no obligation, in-home estimate where Woodfront Kitchen owner and representative, David Russell, would come to your home to help you design and come up with ideas for your new kitchen. At this point, the drawing board is on the table and you are able to ask as many questions as needed as well as bounce ideas back and forth.

When you have picked out your solid wood cabinet door finish, style, handles and all accessories, we then set a date to get to work! You will be happy to know that there is little “downtime” in your kitchen….most installs take only 2-3 days! You can be sure to enjoy your brand new renovated kitchen in a short period of time!

A Glimpse at How We Do Things

Cabinet Refacing is the Best Option When…

 You are looking to update style and change wood or color

 You are satisfied with your existing cabinets’ structure

 You cannot or do not want to change the arrangement of your cabinets

 You prefer not to do the installation/labor yourself

 You do not want to harm counters, tile, wallpaper, flooring, etc.

 You prefer a fast, easy, and predictable installation with little “downtime” in your kitchen

Cabinet Refacing: The Right Choice

The Unmistakable Amish Touch

For your unique refacing project, you will be offered a wide selection of woods, styles, and colors for all your replacement doors, cabinetry and other components.  Because refacing demands custom manufacturing, we rely on the people whose very name is synonymous with custom-made quality–The Amish.  Your new fronts and components will be meticulously crafted south of Arthur in the Rockome Gardens Amish community, using nothing but top of the line, quality hardwoods and finishes for enduring strength and beauty.

Benefits You Will Love

  • Timely

    There is little “downtime” in your home. Most installs take 2-3 days.

  • Appeal

    The Amish make beautifully crafted components.

  • Installation

    We provide a solid installation process with no surprises.

  • Value

    Refacing brings added value to your home…and to your life!

Endless Styles and Stains

We offer components crafted in all the popular hardwoods.  the Amish use nothing but #1 Select Kiln Dried Wood.  Pictured here is a small sampling of the hundreds of wood, stain, frame, and center panel options.